3TI PROGETTI, is an independent employee - owned engineering company, ranked in the ENR TOP 225 INTERNATIONAL DESIGN FIRMS, offering consulting services for over 20 years in planning, design, project & construction management of transport infrastructures, hospitals & buildings, energy & water.

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We are a global player operating in more than 30 Countries: Europe, Africa, Middle East (Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia) and Asia

Board of Directors

3TI PROGETTI activities are directed by a Board of Directors composed as follows:





                                                                       3TI PROGETTI is an engineering company established in accordance with Legislative Decree no. 163 of April 12th 2006 – Code of public contracts for execution of works, provision of services and supply of products – directives 2004/17/CE and 2004/18/CE and art. no. 53 of Presidential Decree 554/99.

Therefore, the persons in charge of the activities are its:


Engineer Cepparotti has also the qualifications to carry out the functions of Safety Coordinator in the design and execution phase pursuant to Legislative Decree 81/08

Joint-stock company,  Share Capital  2.000.000,00 euro f.p.
Economic and Administrative Index No. 1005043, Rome

Financial Reports


3TI PROGETTI increased its 2016 revenues (solely from engineering  and architectural consulting services), exceeding €25 million.

Over the past 6 years the turnover has increased by 108 %.

Despite challenging conditions in key markets, 3TI PROGETTI continues to increase its revenues, deliver positive net cash fl ow and increase operating profits.'



IMAGE RESOURCES33TI PROGETTI draws its strength primarily from the value of our human resources, in whom we invest highly in terms of education, training and development, and enthusiastically devote part of our economic resources to study and applied research programs within fields of company interest.
The positive effect of this policy is a constant increase in permanently committed staff and a low turnover rate (less than 5%), indicating strong loyalty on the part of our personnel and safeguarding the know-how developed at 3TI. In particular, the absence of turnover among project leaders ensures continuity in the technical interface between the client and 3TI, as well as maintaining the historical memory of our completed projects.
3TI PROGETTI can rely on a permanent base of dedicated professionals, the majority of whom graduated in technical disciplines (architecture and engineering) and were educated in the relevant fields of our company operations. Alongside these team members, advisors and consultants are available to provide their expertise in disciplines specific to a particular job and to supplement the operational capabilities of the working group – augmenting our production capacity by up to 30%.

Document Exchange Platform

IMAGE attrezzature

3TI PROGETTI utilizes specialized software for the design and management of project documentation, with all relative service contracts and updates active.
The group policy is:
• guaranteed access to the latest technology for all staff
• easy sharing of all data
In particular 3TI has developed our own specialized software: the DEP (Document Exchange Platform)DEP is a Client/Server Software Platform that enables all team members to share the documents related to a project.
The DEP software has been developed keeping in mind all the special needs of large and distributed teams collaborating in the process of developing complex projects in architecture and engineering.
By managing and tracking the workflow of documents through the business cycle, the DEP software solution addresses the common pitfalls of document exchange:
-lack of version tracking
-time consuming search and retrieval
-security and access issues
DEP software goes beyond storing documents on a file server. DEP is about managing the process of document collection and sharing.

Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety Policy

IMAGE QUALITY 033TI PROGETTI works constantly to obtain and demonstrate a high level of management and respect toward both Employees and the Environment by monitoring every aspect of our activities, products and services, adopting a Policy and setting Objectives to safeguard these resources.

These objectives are realized within an Integrated Management System for QUALITY, ENVIRONMENTAL and HEALTH & SAFETY POLICY (in compliance with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007) certified by Bureau Veritas Italia S.p.A. with certifications no. 223759 (ISO 9001), no.IT268443/UK (ISO14001) and no.IT256128/UK (OHSAS 18001), in order to demonstrate our capacity to provide civil and industrial project design services with a high level of quality control (in terms of satisfying specified criteria), while complying with the highest standards for Environmental design as well as Occupational Health and Safety. The ultimate objective of the Integrated Management System is to safeguard the Environment, reduce pollution, and protect Employees from potential occupational health risks, in tandem with the company's techno-economic requirements and in conformance with applicable laws and professional ethics. To achieve company objectives as we grow, the Integrated Management System encourages 3TI to consider the best available technology, insofar as appropriate and economically and legally feasible, according to the cost/benefit ratio of its application. Employee commitment and consultant cooperation both contribute to the fulfillment of this objective.

Code of Ethics


3TI seeks to promote and strengthen an internal culture of transparency, integrity and monitoring in the course of all business operations, in the belief that absolute respect for these values is an essential prerequisite to achieve company objectives of excellence.
Thus, as of late 2010, we adopted an Organizational Model specifically relevant to the provisions of Legislative Decree 231/01, in particular: introducing and updating a set of internal operational procedures, designed as a valid instrument to protect areas potentially at risk; implementing a Code of Ethics; requiring external collaborators and consultants to declare compliance with the company's Code of Ethics and behavior.
Work performed by teams of external professionals and internal staff therefore consists of existing procedural analysis and monitoring systems as well as the review and integration of internal procedures to make them more incisive, clear and organized, in anticipation of a Supervisory Board and more effective and stringent sanctioning system in developing the Organizational Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01.

BIM (Building Information Modeling )

BIM3TI PROGETTI stands firmly behind BIM philosofy  moving forward, experiencing a fully multi-disciplinary approach like never before in all of our sectors.

BIM is a 3TI “strategy business” to obtain advantages and to be more competitive.

We support and implement the development of BIM through our involvement in many projects worldwide and across all range of our activities.

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