Capability Statements

3TI PROGETTI presents an extensive portfolio of project experience ranging from major infrastructure works - both transportation related (roads and motorways, railways, tramways and subways, harbours and airports) and not (water and sewer systems, renewable energy production systems) - to urban redevelopment design, through new construction, existing and heritage building stock maintenance and public space revitalization projects.ems, renewable energy production systems) - to urban redevelopment design, through new construction, existing and heritage building stock maintenance and public space revitalization projects.





Airports3TI PROGETTI is an engineering consultant to some of the most renowned architects specialised in airport design. As a leader in the management, planning and design of landside and airside facilities, we help airport authorities implement their programmes for new and expanded airport facilities.

Building Engineering

Buildings3TI PROGETTI has extensive experience in the field of integral building design. This approach increases the efficiency of building processes and guarantees more sustainable solutions. Ensuring that we achieve our Client's desired results is our basic underlying objective.


EnergyThe use of alternative and renewable energy sources is increasing worldwide and the binomial "architecture plus new sources of energy" is now imperative. 3TI PROGETTI's integrated services cover the full range of technical, commercial, regulatory and environmental aspects of renewable projects.


Healthcare3TI PROGETTI's important portfolio of healthcare projects demonstrates its vast experience in the design and construction of healthcare facilities that translates into a smooth and exceptional experience for our clients.


PortsThe expertise gained over the years in the sector of infrastructural engineering and in traditional and landscape architecture have allowed 3TI to develop several projects for tourist ports that respond to the needs of developers while fully respecting the marine and coastal environments in which they are constructed.

Rail & Metro

RailIn recent years, the field of railway design has grown to become one of the leading sectors of 3TI's activities. The Company is actively contributing to the design of important rail projects all over the world. Our company provides the full range of expertise required to study, design and manage contracts for heavy rail, light rail, high-speed routes, trams and metros.


Roads3TI PROGETTI boasts considerable experience in the field of road engineering, consolidated over many years working for the important public and private Clients and its involvement in the completion of prestigious projects in Italy and abroad.

Technical Advisory Services

Technical adv3TI PROGETTI boasts importance experience in project exploitation, in metric calculation and the editing of contractual documents. In recent years, our range of expertise has extended into independent design checking and the validation of civil works and infrastructures.


Water3TI PROGETTI has developed projects for environmental drainage, stormwater and sewerage design, acquiring important commissions for civil and industrial sewage systems, district water purifi cation facilities and hydraulic infrastructures.

General Brochure 3TI PROGETTI

Brochure3TI PROGETTI is an independent employee-owned engineering company providing Planning, Design and Project Construction Management services in the fi elds of transport infrastructures (Rail, Airports, Ports and Roads), Water and Building Engineering.




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