• ITALY, Restart Scampia Project


    PERIOD: 2017
    VALUE: € 27,000,000.00

    The Vele di Scampia” urban renovation project is part of IT Government’s programme for suburbs rehabilitation.

    3TI and Servizi Integrati joint venture provided detailed design, health & safety management and Works supervision of the demolition of three buildings “Sails A,C,D), the upgrading of the building called “Sail B” (to be used for temporary housing) and urban design.

    The refurbishment and redevelopment of the “Sail B” also known as “Sail Blue” is focused on the elimination of the buildings degradation through technical and functional solutions that can improve the quality of the building and the environmental and living comfort of the surrounding areas.

  • ITALY, 3rd lane of the motorway A4 between the new bridge over the Tagliamento river and Gonars


    PERIOD: 2012 - ongoing
    VALUE: € 400,000,000.00

    The project involves the enlargement to the A4 motorway to 3 lanes between the new bridge over the Tagliamento River (km 63 +300) and Gonars (km 89 +000).
    The major structures include:
    a new bridge over the Tagliamento River consisting of two adjacent viaducts, each of which is the seat of a roadway. The roadways are placed at the net distance of 13.454 m with respective lengths of 1,522.88 m (west) and 1,517.22 m (east). The structure is comprised of 20 spans with 19 piers for each roadway.
    a continuous deck bridge over the Stella and Comor Rivers with a mixed steel-concrete section consisting of five steel beams of differing heights. The first bridge has a total length of 110 m and the second of 90 m.


    Credits:Petrussi Autovie Venete

  • SAUDI ARABIA, Western station 3B2 - Riyadh Metro Line 3

    Iconic station

    PERIOD: 2015 - ongoing
    VALUE: 675,371,454.30

    The 3B2 Western Station is one of four Iconic Stations of the new Riyadh Metro Line 3. The site is located in the Dhahrat Al Badi’ah quarter, southwest of downtown Riyadh, on the south side of Al Madinah Al Munawarah Street, a main artery road.

    The scope of services includes the designing of the Civil Shop Drawings and Masonry Works related to the construction to the Phase 1 of the Station. The main scope of these deliverables is to develop the detail design available with the Contractor in order to include all the information needed for the construction stage. The abovementioned activitie s are carrying out for all the concrete structures excluding the canopy steel structures.

    The aim of the combined services drawings activities (CSDs), related to the ‘3B2 Station - Phase 1 – Metro Package – Line 2’, is to analyze the approved 90% Detailed Design Solution Project in order to highlight the potential interferences between all the coexisting systems (MEP and other

  • INDIA, Smart Industrial Port City (SIPC) at Kandla

    235 ha smart city, 378 ha smart industrial activities

    PERIOD: 2016 - ongoing
    VALUE: € 100,000,000.00

    KANDLA PORT is the most economical major port in terms of tariff and operational expenditure.
    With the Kandla Port Trust’s Vision to entirely master plan this comparatively large site area of 235ha at the heart of Gandhidham, the unique opportunity arises to not just give the city an environmentally friendly residential neighborhood, but also a new ‘Mixed Use District Center’ that will change the image of Gandhidham and Kandla and builds on its reputation as a well-planned modern city.
    At the heart of the Smart Township should be a Commercial and Civic Zone, a mixed use, pedestrian friendly environment that will be an attractive destination for shopping, leisure, recreation for all citizens from Gandhidham. This ‘District Center’ will have a sizeable ‘Central Park’ with clearly defined open spaces, for events and active and passive outdoor recreation. The location next the major thoroughfare (Rabindranath Tagore Road) ensures the required visibility and easy accessibility of the commercial businesses of the District Center.
    In first quarter of 2015, the Union Ministry for Road Transport, Highways & Shipping announced its ambitious move to develop “Smart” industrial cities around twelve major ports, with an estimated budget of Rs. 50,000 crores.
    A central government fund allocation of about Rs. 3,000- 4,000 crores may be expected for each port city.

  • Red Line South underground, Doha - Qatar

    Lead Designer

    PERIOD: 2015 - ongoing
    VALUE: confidential

    The Doha Metro is the most prominent and visible project of Qatar. The metro system will be built in two phases: the first will see the construction of three out of the four lines (Red, Gold, and Green) and 37 stations.
    3TI is Lead Designer of Red Line South underground, with 32 km of tunnels at an average depth of 25 meters below ground level of central Doha, 5 underground stations, 4 on the Red Line and one on the Green Line, between the Msheireb Underground Station and the New Doha International Airport. The RLSU incorporates 5 switchboxes, 4 underground emergency exits, 35 cross passages and will be completed on 2018.
    Al Doha Al Jadeda station, as part of the Red Line South Underground, has been designated as one of the three ‘Pilot Station’ of the 37 Metro stations for Phase 1 and will serve as a benchmark for the integrated station model for civil, MEP and systems. All the design has been carried out with BIM technology.
    Qatar Rail’s metro network will have big impact on the lives of Doha’s population providing a convenient service with a specific mission:
    - Create a world-class public transportation network
    - Establish a Network Identity recognizable in the urban surroundings
    - Improve the existing local urban connectivity
    - Reduce pollution

  • "Terra Madre" kindergarten and public piazza, Bisceglie, Italy.

    Nearly Zero Energy Building

    PERIOD: 2009 - 2016
    CLIENT: Municipality of Bisceglie
    VALUE: €1,500,000.00

    In 2009, the project was awarded with the first prize in the international design competition, commissioned by the local Municipality under the “Qualità Italia” Program, and shortlisted at the “Leaf Award 2016” in the category “Future Building - Under Construction”.
    Is a model of sustainable educational building for design, use of recycled materials and low energy consumption.
    Passive energy systems are carefully designed in order to reduce the need and dependency for active ones.
    A geothermic system is used for free thermal contribution from the ground, reducing the need for electric thermal energy.
    Renewable energy production for electricity (photovoltaic panels) and sanitary hot water (solar panels).
    Rainwater collection and storage for sanitary uses and garden irrigation.
    Use of local, recycled and recyclable building material.

  • New Hospital in La Spezia

    520 beds

    PERIOD: 2015 - 2016
    VALUE: € 123,982,25.80

    The project involves the design of a new 520-bed hospital in La Spezia, Italy.
    The building takes the form of a fan to open up to the sea and allows most of the building to have a panoramic view.
    The project also includes other activities , such as the emergency department , a convention center , shops and a restaurant.
    A large atrium is a covered public square, with cafes and shops from which  visitors access the upper fl oors with lift blocks and waiting areas on the outside of the building.
    The project also includes a building of radiation therapy and about 750 parking spaces carefully hidden by a series of terraces.

  • George Enescu Airport, Bacau, Romania

    41 km2

    PERIOD: 2015 - ongoing
    VALUE: confidential

    Bacau is the capital of Bacau county and it's the second largest city from the north-east region of Romania. It covers a land surface of 41km² and has an estimated population of 175,921.
    Bacau Airport, entitled to "George Enescu", located in the centre of the country, is one of the major airport in Romania.
    The project involves the improvement of the bearing capacity and the modernization of the runway and taxiway.

  • Middle East Hospital & Cardiac Center (MEHCC) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    More than 100 beds

    PERIOD: 2015 - 2016
    VALUE: confidential

    3TI Progetti has been awarded by Philips with the structural and MEPF design for the Middle East Hospital Cardiac Center (MEHCC) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.The hospital, expected to accommodate almost 100 patients over an area of 6.000 square meters, will be part of a "full service area" of about 35.000 square meters on which a Mosque, a rehabilitation/prevention center, a hotel with fitness center and a multifunctional building with residences for nurses, apartments and a shopping center will be built in the future.
    The hospital will be placed in an eight-story building and structured as follows: three floors will be dedicated to patient wards, two to outpatient services and one to operational services. Parking spaces and technical utilities are foreseen on complementary floors.The MEPF project design will be developed in order to provide the hospital with all necessary facilities. The systems have been designed to guarantee 100% redundancy and a good level of energy saving. All technical elements have been planned to be "hidden" and "integrated" inside the building.

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