3TI PROGETTI is one of the globally recognized engineering companies in the field of airport and highways design.

Being a leader in the management, planning and design of terminals, landside and airside facilities, 3TI provides key aviation operators with all the required support in coping with the different challenges of modern commercial and general aviation, optimizing aeronautic infrastructures and increasing the airports’ capacity. An airport or heliport design is carried out with the purpose of combining shape, functionality and environmental sustainability.

This kind of approach guarantees an efficient and harmonious development of aviation infrastructures, able to create development at an international level and to represent a point of reference for regional and national economies reducing the operative and capital costs and the environmental impact.

3TI has also developed a remarkable experience in the road field, working since many years both in the public and private sector for important clients carrying out prestigious projects in and outside Italy. We have taken part in modernization of existing highways, in planning of new roads and collaborated in their construction. Our objective is to provide safer roads using the available technologies, in the belief that improved viability – whether through the integration of new roads with existing ones, or through new construction – will enhance the development of an area increasing its value, improving accessibility and enabling exchanges.

The road infrastructure Team deals with all aspects including the design of viaducts, tunnels, underground channels, pedestrian areas, road surfaces, signposting and lighting with the aim to reduce traffic congestion and minimize the environmental impact. Our purpose is to work for a safe, quick and comfortable road system.


Technical Director

Infrastructures are the symbol of a country’s growth and development:
we do our best to leave the world a little better than we found it.


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