Building Information Modeling (BIM) Design

3TI PROGETTI achieved BIM (Building Information Modeling) Certification in 2018 released by ICMQ for architectural, structural, infrastructural and MEP design. 3TI has always been a believer in the power of this technology, which is essential for working in the field of engineering and in the construction market.

BIM helps us to provide services able to increase the benefits and the efficiency of engineering solutions, reducing time in project delivery, reducing risk, enhancing sustainability and a better whole-life performance of the project.

3TI proposes the use of the Building Information Modelling (BIM) technologies for the development of the design process since the early stages up to the management of maintenance activities during the whole life cycle of the building.

Our business objectives require that all building and infrastructure projects are designed in a “BIM oriented way”, which means to communicate, through the exchange of specific models, with colleagues and partners, without loss of information and quality.


Senior Architect

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