“Smart and unpredictable”, Cities are subjected to a growth that is not led by a single evolutionary law but by an array of paradigms that transforms their image and their identity.

History and Technology, Economics and Culture, Sustainability and Productivity, everything can produce an additional step in defining the future of our Cities and in varying their dynamic complexity.

The activity of 3TI PROGETTI’s City and urban Systems department has the goal to drive the evolution of the urban systems through the design and the innovation of their components.

This is achieved through a continuous updating of the technological infrastructures and a tireless search for innovation.


Technical Director

Delivering the evolution of our cities through state-of-the-art engineering

Contact the sector manager

Doha Metro Project wins prestigious International Award!
A new cyclepath network in Cologno Monzese | Works restart after Covid-19
Rail Baltica Project: 3TI full steam ahead!
New underground station and railway line in Andria city centre and new “Andria Nord” railway station
Lanzo - Santa Margherita funicular refurbishment
3TI @ Worldwide Digital BIMUp Conference
3TI contributes to the "Waterfront del Levante”‘s redevelopment in Genoa
3TI for the Scientific Research Center: Human Technopole, Milan
Extension of the Cotral bus deposit in Minturno
“Restart Scampia” has started!
3TI @ the 3rd "BIM Tenders Report 2019" @oice
A new article for 3TI's Doha Metro Project
Tuscolo Eternal Beauty: 3TI @Università Tor Vergata
3TI for the project validation of Vercelli Civic Library
Architectural, landscaping and visual identity guidelines for Rail Baltica
One year on Fusion for Energy in Southern France
3TI in Afghanistan for Priority Projects
#SpamRoma2019 - CITYSCAPES
3TI @ TIS Roma 2019 with Doha metro project
Presentation of final draft design guidelines for Rail Baltica
Doha Metro opens Red Line South Link
1994-2019: “Tuscolo Eternal Beauty” 25 years of activity
The Eternal Beauty of Tuscolo”: 3TI at Grand Tour Sites
Global Forum in Vilnius with @RB Rail As
H-BIM: Palazzo dei Diamanti, Ferrara, Italy
Another step for Baltic connectivity
Al Doha Al Jadeda station, Qatar
Rail Baltica design guidelines, finalizing the inception stage
3TI PROGETTI will design the Music Centre and City park in Krakow
New Technical Directors in 3TI PROGETTI, Building Division
Extension of the Modern & Contemporary art Gallery in the “Diamanti Palace”
Metro Dhoa - Al Doha Al Jadeda Station ready for inspection

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