Construction materials engineering and testing

The Construction Material Engineering and testing team of 3TI PROGETTI provides a complete service to customers, operating throughout the construction industry with the ability to manage and coordinate controls and tests on the materials used and on their capacity and technical performance.

3TI can arrange a series of instrumental material surveys including: base and pierce inspection of pillars, structural steel inspection, concrete paving inspection, soil compaction testing, steel sampling and testing for reinforcement, as well as soil compaction testing and design of concrete or asphalt mixes.

We are able to perform commercial property audits and environmental and industrial assessments, remediation investigations, preparation of remediation plans for contaminated sites, and/or monitoring of the execution of remediation work, as well as testing services in the areas of geotechnical engineering, paving design, slope stability analysis, subsoil and/or mining engineering and geophysics.

Thanks to our proven experience in construction engineering we can provide static and dynamic testing on piles, advanced monitoring services and tests on soils, rocks, foundations and building materials to support the development of infrastructure and buildings.


Senior Technical Director

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