Environmental Engineering

3TI PROGETTI gives primary importance to the environmental compatibility of its projects. We have always focused our attention on the design topics related to environmental impact mitigations, particularly for large-scale infrastructures.

The potential to integrate environmental impact studies with the architectural, infrastructural or engineering design is an added value which 3TI is able to offer, enhancing mutual relations between the project and the environmental context.

This enables to develop environmentally sustainable and ‘sensible’ solutions, as well as to lead and assist testing and approval stages of national and regional EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) processes. Always carrying out environmental protection,

3TI carries forward functional architectural and landscape design to solve environmental problems in built and natural areas.

We promote shaping and respecting landscapes and ecosystems with green works, eco-ducts, or general re-naturalization, using acoustic modeling and integrated engineering solutions to contain noise disturbance.

Before and after construction, 3TI performs measurement campaigns on the major environmental elements, developing criteria and sampling methods to analyze water, soil, subsoil, air, noise and vibration, flora and fauna, ecosystems and landscapes.


Senior Engineer

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