Geological and geotechnical land investigation

Soil investigations are an essential part to the successful completion of any civil engineering or building project and they are mainly used in geological-geotechnical, seismic, hydrogeological and environmental fields.

They are also widely used in the archaeological and cultural fields. As part of the design of major structural and infrastructural works, 3TI PROGETTI’s activities include the planning and execution of geognostic, geotechnical and seismic surveys, as well as the return and interpretation of the respective data.

Our services in this area include:
– Geognostic, geotechnical and environmental surveys;
– Archaeological Surveys
– Dynamic penetrometric tests DPSH;
– CPTE and CPTU static penetrometer tests;
– Hydrogeological investigations (borehole permeability tests, well penetration tests, etc.);
– Seismic prospecting such as seismic refraction, seismic hole in Down hole, cross hole, geolelectric, seismic tomography and electrical tomography, georadar prospecting;
– Geomorphological, geological-structural and environmental surveys through laser scanners;


Technical Director

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