Reconstructing the geological and tectonic structure of an area and determiningĀ  the geological and geothecnical model of subsoil represents the fundamental 3TI PROGETTIā€™s step in the design process.

This is the basis for constructing a model against which all geotechnical and structural works are tested, whether above or below ground.

3TI PROGETTI’s activities include:

  • Geological detail studies and reconstruction of the geological model of the subsoil by means of: bibliographic data, geological field surveys, analysis, supervision and interpretation of geognostic, seismic and geothecnical data;
  • Hydrogeological studies and surveys by means of: field surveys, geotechnical investigations and monitoring.
  • Geomorphological analysis by means of: bibliographic data, field surveys, study and comparisons of aerial photos, analysis of piezo metric and inclinometric measure.
  • Geomorphological survey and modeling of landslides;
  • Characterization of materials from excavations – Plans of use for excavated earth and rocks;
  • Seismic microzonation for earthquake risk and analysis of local seismic response.


Technical Director

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