Government and military infrastructure design

3TI PROGETTI can count with a dedicated team for Government and Military Infrastructure Design who deals with all those Engineering and Consultancy Services dedicated to high sensible infrastructure profiles and targets, which can touch Airports and Ports, Buildings and Healthcare, and related Civil works like Roads.

The design is often characterized by a high level of complexity and security needs, both physical and digital (IT Data Management).

The Design itself is specifically based on high sensible data, and it needs a specific process to manage and guarantee the given Level of Classified Information (Unclassified, Official, Restricted, Confidential, Secret, Top Secret).

The risk of attack by enemies, or the standards to place a weapon depots within a military base, for instance, make the Government and Military Infrastructure Design very specific and far from the usual Buildings Architecture & Engineering.

3TI’s international consultants, specialized in certain fields (e.g. Pyrotechnic Safety Support, etc.), are often involved and coordinated within the design process.


Technical Director

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