Infrastructure BIM Design

With the BIM methodology 3TI improves the relationship and interoperability of individual disciplines in order to make more organic and manageable workflow, improving the way of working. 

Through I-BIM(Infrastructures Building Information Modelling) the project team studies the entire infrastructures life process, from the design phase (from writing of BIM Execution Plan to creation of 3D model) to operation and maintenance phase (“as built model”).

3TI deals with the provision of comprehensive 3D Design Models, ensuring the referencing of all discipline models (road, structures, hydraulic, MEP, environment) during design to avoid clashes and do it right first time.

Moreover 3TI care the aspect of Clash analysis, schedule with 4D sequence and model based quantities to estimate project costs(5D.) In addition, the model created can be used on site to monitor construction processes and monitor costs and times, assisting the company in the construction phase.


Senior Engineer

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