Instrumentation and monitoring

The process of Monitoring includes the provisions of instrumentations and engineering services, aimed to assess the effect of the construction of new project on the existing structures and the interactions between the new ones and the ground conditions.

In the construction of a new infrastructure it is fundamental to provide a complete monitoring plan.

The plan allows recording the variations of some significant quantities and verifying the validity of the project’s forecasts, both in the construction and operational phases.

This process enables to make a timely analysis of the under construction situation and of its possible evolution, foreseeing any corrective actions to be adopted.

3TI PROGETTI can count with a remarkable experience in the field of instrumentations and monitoring plans with a supportive team of experts who develop and study all the necessary elements for the interpretation of the behavior of the soil, of the design structures and of the existing buildings in the area of influence of the works, in relation to the construction progress.

Our main services concern the measurement of the settlement trough the ground surface, monitoring for safety and design verification of deep excavations, monitoring for quality assurance related to coded buildings, monitoring for construction safety and hydraulic monitoring.

The data collected by the monitoring actions are managed in a WebGIS Platform which controls the entire monitoring network.


Senior Technical Director

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