Pedestrian and cycle track design

3TI PROGETTI has extensive experience in pedestrian and cycle track planning with a focus on a multi-disciplinary and comprehensive planning approach.

Our team starts with comprehensive Site Surveys and Public Consultation to identify problems with the overall traffic system with the purpose to encourage walking, cycling and the use of public transport as key modes of transport, taking count of existing road tracks located into urban fabric, in order to recalibrate roads tracks, according to the project requirements and according to the regulations in force.

We then undertake Benchmarking, Positioning and Traffic Forecasting which subsequently informs the preparation of Pedestrian and Bicycle Planning Proposals, Detailed Design for Integrated Pedestrian and Bicycle Networks, Elevated Walkway/Footbridge Systems, Streetscapes, Cycle Tracks and Bicycle Parking Facilities.

At the same time, we follow the design of auxiliary installation along pedestrian and cycle paths, such as street lighting, wi-fi system, waterflow network, as well as softscape and hardscape, taking care of the eco-sustainable material choice, especially on paths inside parks.


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