Port and harbour design

3TI PROGETTI’s objective is to prepare, manage and supervise the construction and development of ports qualitatively, quickly and efficiently, supporting sustainable solutions.

Our staff is specialized in the design and planning of Small Harbors, Container Terminals, Intermodal Tourist Terminals, Cruise Terminals, Ship Building and Repair Yards, Dredging and Reclamation.

For port infrastructures, we provide a wide range of specialized services including Master Planning, Design of hydraulic and reclamation works, Surveys and Investigations and so on.

Our approach combines nature development with functions such as flood protection and development of infrastructures.

The expertise we have gained during the years in the sector of infrastructural engineering and in traditional and landscape architecture has allowed us to develop several projects for maritime tourist facilities.

Each of our projects is adapted to the specific needs of the developers, while ensuring the necessary and total respect for the marine and coastal environments.


Technical Director

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