Decommissioning and restoration

Garigliano Nuclear Power Plant

Sessa Aurunca, ITALY

2012 - 2013




The Garigliano nuclear power plant is located near the S.Venditto river about 7 km. from the Tirrhenian sea. The project includes:
– Central System Recovery: The working area is located inside the Reactor Building, “Sphere”. The spherical shell is placed on a concrete foundation and is supported by steel columns. Inside the structure houses, in special places, all the thermo-hydraulic components of the nuclear island and the related service systems.
– RADWSTE Fire Hazard Assessment: The purpose of the Fire Hazard Analysis (FHA) is to demonstrate that the fire prevention system, during the operation of the new radioactive waste treatment system, is capable of protecting people and environment.
– Restoration works of the reinforced concrete tank in which is conveyed the water, from the Garigliano River , used for different services such as: firefighting power supply, power supply plant for industrial water distribution .
– Bridges: Maiano Canal Bridge (main access); Bridge on the Rio San Venditto; Bridge over Canal Maiano (old access).
– Restoration operations to provide the final return of the Rad Waste discharges to the return channel
– Characterization plan.

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