Open Green Healthcare Facility

New rehabilitation centre in the municipality of Appignano

Macerata, ITALY





3TI participated in the competition organised by INRCA for the construction of a new rehabilitation centre in the municipality of Appignano.
The design concept focused on the idea of a “”green and open”” health care facility integrated with the surrounding park and consisting of a solid base and a fl oating volume.
A safe and earthquake resistant facility, whose very structural concept is an integral part of the concept based on an innovative solution that pursues the highest levels of safety in the event of an earthquake, minimising even small damages.
The approximately 3,500 square meters complex hosts a 35 bed Rehabilitation Centre, a 28-bed Retirement Home for non-self-suffi cient guests and a day care centre with 15 semi-residences.
The new fl exible structure was designed to adapt to changing needs, organisational models and the coexistence of different types of assistance.

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