a real brand in the luxury yachting sector

New Tourist Port Formia

Green Port




Marina di Cicerone S.p.A.



€ 11,000,000.00

3TI PROGETTI developed the MEP engineering works for the new tourist port of Formia, designed by the Roman office zerocinquearchitetture. The particular characteristics of the new structure not only identify it as a best practice in the design of a new generation of marinas, but also create a real brand in the luxury yachting sector, thanks to the stylistic choices adopted by the designers and an innovative management strategy. The MEP designs are aimed at the development of sustainable water management strategies based on the reduced consumption, recycling and reuse of water, together with sewage treatment and the return of unpolluted water to the environment.
The project also includes a reverse osmosis seawater desalination facility, which employs chemical and physical treatments to render seawater potable.
The plant was designed for a fl ow rate of an average of 250 litres per capita per day.

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