Solar Energy Project Reduces Dependence on External Sources

Photovoltaic and solar systems for the E.r.s.u. of Camerino


2010 - 2011


E.R.S.U. of Camerino

€ 860,000.00

This project was developed as part of the 2007/2013 Regional and Occupational Competition FESR Operative Program approved by the European Commission with Decision C (2007) 3986 dated 17 August 2007. The Decision concerns Axis 3, activity 3.1.1., intervention “Promotion of Renewable Energies: Solar Energy”. Two interventions were developed in this context:
Photovoltaic solar energy;
Thermal solar energy as part of the requalification of the Camerino E.R.S.U. estate’s “Colle Paridiso” complex, situated approximately 2 km from the city centre.
The intervention aims to fulfil the following objectives:
to increase the production of energy from renewable resources;
to enhance sustainable energy development through the use of renewable resources, the improvement of energy efficiency and the promotion of energy saving measures;
to contribute to the fulfilment of the balanced and sustainable energy development of the regional territory, overcoming difficult situations of strong dependence on external energy sources and enhancing the energy saving and energy efficient performance of the entire regional system.
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