3TI PROGETTI has always operated in the public sector and has initiated over the years considerable capacity to design with budgets and set times, establishing collaborative relationships with the Client and a constant comparison with stakeholders.

Our approach to design is aimed at meeting the needs of small and large local, state and public sector customers.

3TI’s public sector project portfolio includes sport centres, museum, hospitals, parks and public spaces infrastructure, schools and office buildings.
Each project has involved extensive collaboration with customer, community members, building users, and local administrators.

Public buildings must have a long life cycle and management and maintenance costs that can be controlled at every stage of life, objectives that BIM methodologies, of which 3TI is a firm supporter, allow easily to reach.

The long experience in systems and technological structures has taught us that tackling it from the early stages of the project – integrating architectural and structural design with the technological advice of 3TI’s team of specialists – produces significant added value, reducing costs and time both in the design and the construction phase.

From school buildings to public spaces, our projects respect the urban context with particular attention to issues related to environmental sustainability and energy saving.

3TI carries out important activities on existing heritage buildings and has a considerable experience on the issues related to structural design and assessment, seismic improvement and adaptation.


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