3TI has conducted an in-depth analysis of its organization, identifying the internal and external issues relevant to its strategic objectives and determining which interested parties may influence its ability to provide services that meet the implicit, explicit and binding requirements and aim at the same time to the maximum satisfaction of the Customer.

Quality, H&S and Environment certifications are key factors for growth and development for our organization and we regard them as integral and essential component of every aspect of our business.

For this purpose, the Management performed a detailed analysis of the context and risks from which the actions and objectives underlying the definition of the 3TI Quality Policy were derived.

  • 3TI focuses on both promotion and commercial development to improve its positioning, both with reference to customers and with reference to potential partners;
  • 3TI progressively aims to internalize all production processes;
  • 3TI constantly perfects the digitization of its productivity systems from a 4.0 company point of view, in order to enhance efficiency, eco-sustainability and control of its production, welcoming the collaboration between the different figures involved in the life cycle of the project, through the constant implementation of the BIM principles.
  • Where it is necessary to rely on suppliers, 3TI wants to improve the service, in the sense of setting up better defined contractual relationships and efficient procedures for verification of the services provided;
  • Strengthen and constantly update IT tools in order to improve both the technical level of the services and the times in which they can be carried out;
  • Increase the sense of belonging to the organization, even with involvement in promotional activities;
  • Increase awareness of the organizational models adopted, also in order to achieve better integration between processes;
  • Technical skills: care in the diffusion of specific skills also to other internal subjects;
  • Involve our partners to develop the best design choices and the best available technology solutions, in order to fully meet or exceed Client’s expectations;
  • Develop processes towards greater respect for the environment by minimizing waste and energy consumption;
  • Achieve the best possible working conditions and workplace health and safety, aligned to internationally recognized best practices;
  • Ensure that each employee has the competence and motivation required for successful attendance to his tasks;
  • The Management asks everybody the maximum collaboration and effort to reach above targets meant as an effective improvement for all staff.


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