Quantity Surveying & Cost Control

3TI PROGETTI will investigate measures to promote value management (VM) and value engineering (VE) opportunities to improve value, performance and schedule, and to reduce construction, operation and maintenance costs and risks.

The objective is to reduce the inherent risks to the program and increase certainty of successful delivery of the work. 3TI, in investigating VM/VE opportunities, may propose changes to the Works which will reduce the cost to the Client of construction, maintaining or operating the Works.

Over the years, 3TI has also developed extensive experience in quantity surveying and cost analysis processes for the building and construction industry, using specialized software for the preparation of estimates and accounting documents in compliance with Italian legislation.

For our projects abroad we provide services to support the design, calculation and monitoring of costs as well as the preparation of contract documents to harmonize the foreign codes and standards with the Italian ones.

In competition phases 3TI can also provide support in the examination of tenders with respect to local price lists, checking the completeness of documents submitted, customer’s specifications, international standards and local regulations.

Thanks to this experience gained in the project inspections and audits, 3TI can provide excellent support to Administrations and accredited agents: we are capable of carrying out technical checks to determine full project compliance with the objective and requirements of the Administration, in essentially all fields of specialization.


Head of Quantity surveying and cost control

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