Road Design

3TI PROGETTI has developed a remarkable experience in the road design field.

The services we provide cover all the aspects related to road design including design of bridges and viaducts, tunnels, culverts, pedestrian areas, paving, signage, and lighting, aiming at reducing traffic congestion and minimizing environmental impact.

Our commitment is also to achieve complex tasks capable of converting and upgrading the existing infrastructures maintaining the related structures.

The actions are carried out considering the context and its mobility as a binder of the urban fabric.

The criteria that guide 3TI in the drafting of transport evaluations and traffic plans are based on a design which considers the global logic of the mobility system, the environment and urban planning, in compliance with the government existing plans.

Our design combines improvements to the transportation offer and to the measures focused on the control and orientation of the mobility demand.

The road infrastructure is part of an integrated design process that starts from the evaluation of the user behavioral dynamics.

The design group will submit the selected planning solutions to the Road Safety Audit procedure, to guarantee the design quality, from all road users safety point of view.


Technical Director

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