Stations and mixed use infrastructure design

In recent years the stations have undergone a radical transformation in terms of social function and urban role. From the “transport-only” original use, their function has multiplied and transformed to include new uses and adhere to new ways of living spaces, new flows and new internal relations.

3TI PROGETTI faces this new scenario and its design challenges travelling on a double track: on one hand we research for new models and standards in new buildings design, on the other hand we recover existing stations and their transformation to respond the new society needs.

In this context, as well as in all mixed use facilities, the design challenge is focused on the integration of highly heterogeneous functions, from transport to services, from residential to commercial, to urban and larger scale ones (parking, green areas and public spaces).

The design approach cannot follow unique standardized paths, but must always be linked to the specificity of context and requirements, fielding a complex technical synergy of architectural, structural and plants design.

Senior Engineer

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