Technical advisory services and due diligence

3TI PROGETTI develops architectural design, engineering, planning and cost management solutions for a wide range of building types: residential buildings, hotels, healthcare buildings, culture, sports facilities, educational buildings, government offices and office buildings.

The multidisciplinary approach to every aspect of project implementation is a guarantee of 3TI’s commitment to providing value and innovation in all fields of engineering design and complex project management.

The services we supply are based on a combination of know-how and resources to meet different needs, both in the design and construction phases.

3TI is specialized in the preparation and drafting of technical, legal and environmental due diligence to support the Client in real estate transactions and in the rationalization and proper management of real estate, as well as in the processes of advice in the real estate transfer phase and in the definition of guarantees in the sale phase.

The high competence of the resources, also in urban planning, ensures that investors are supported in all processes of buying and selling, maintenance and definition of transformations.


Senior Technical Director

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