Tunnelling Design

In accordance with the client’s needs and requirements, 3TI PROGETTI develops appropriate solutions to ensure safety, durability and maintenance of tunnels in line with standards set by local codes and current legislation. We design enhanced infrastructural strategies that consider local laws and regulations, environmental and landscape constraints, and all other conditions that may affect design, financial and executive decisions.

To design natural tunnels, 3TI employs structural characteristics and operational methodologies which can be divided into several phases. Once the design framework for geological and geomechanical work is defined – identifying any additional geotechnical investigations to be conducted during the design phase – we proceed to analyze all design considerations and to define the behavior of the excavation front, depending on the geological and geomechanical framework and tunnel geometry.

Prior knowledge of geomechanical behavior of the rock mass within which the tunnel will be constructed, allows the Designer to evaluate the possibility of using either TBM (Tunnel boring machines) techniques or traditional excavation as well as designing tunnel supports and consolidation systems. A cost-benefit analysis is necessary to identify the best solution to excavate, such analysis shall account for construction times and costs, as well as uncertainty of the unpredictable geomechanical behavior of rocks and soils encountered.

Once the advancement typology and planned operations have been defined, an appropriate monitoring system shall be selected in light of the excavation methodology, in order to check progress of works.


Technical Directori

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