The experience gained throughout the years in the infrastructures field, as well as in the traditional and landscape architecture has enabled 3TI PROGETTI to develop projects of tourist harbors and ports able to adapt to the clients’ needs in full respect of the marine and costal environment.

New infrastructures that find their strength in the integration and enhancement of the functionality and visibility of the environment they have to change, considering the environmental mitigation measures, the direct or indirect pollution retain techniques.

During the entire process,  prescriptions in the management of the project building site and ex post monitoring methods for all the affected waterfront are considered.

The interventions include areas by the sea, external and internal maritime works, land areas, installations and structures on yards, docks and piers and lastly the management of fireproof safety.

The use of alternative and renewable energy sources is worldwide demanded and the binomial “architecture and new energy sources” is nowadays essential.

Renewable resources allow to build up new landscapes, new high-efficient buildings and new areas for the production of energy itself (wind power parks or photovoltaic systems).

Renewable resources can be used to construct new, dignified landscapes that represent the values of our time.

Their use can be focused on optimizing the quality of life and the energetic and environmental performance of each single building as well as to produce energy for vast areas using wind farms, photovoltaic systems and hydroelectric power stations.


Senior Technical Director

Our distinguishing characteristics are the quality of our projects and the passion we put into our work every day.

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