Water infrastructures design

3TI PROGETTI has an important knowledge of hydraulic engineering, water supply systems and distribution network.

We mainly operate in the frame of urban drainage systems, wastewater and drainage system of rainfall.

We are able to design pipeline’s system for development of urban areas, manifolds and all the related interventions taking care of cost control and feasibility issues.

3TI’s involvement in the design of wastewater treatment plants has grown considerably both on a national and international level, a multidisciplinary  group (hydraulic engineers, processing engineers, structural engineers, geotechnical experts and legal experts) collaborate to analyze all the issues related to the realization of treatment plants (depuration and drinking water).

Wastewater treatment plants require a multidisciplinary approach due to the number of components concerned: hydraulic works, structural and geotechnical works, electromechanical, electrical and remote-control systems, chemical reactions and biological processes, environmental impact mitigation measures to limit atmospheric and acoustic emissions.


Senior Technical Director

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