Events, June 11, 2024

3TI at URC2024 | Berlin

3TI at URC2024 | Berlin


🌟 alfredo ingletti, 3TI chairman and FIDIC – International Federation of Consulting Engineers Vice-President, and Michele Amerio, 3TI Director of the Infrastructure and Energy Division, are attending the URC2024 – Ukraine Recovery Conference in Berlin! 🌟

URC2024, under the claim β€˜United in defense. United in recovery. Stronger together’, is currently underway. This event marks a critical moment for Ukraine’s rapid recovery and long-term reconstruction.

πŸ” The conference will focus on four main focus:
1. Business dimension: Mobilizing the private sector for reconstruction and economic growth.
2. Human Dimension: Social recovery and human capital for Ukraine’s future.
3. Local and regional dimension: Recovery of municipalities and regions.
4. EU dimension: EU accession and related reforms.

πŸš€ Excited to join this event as an active engagement of Italian civil society in the reconstruction process.