Since its foundation, more than 25 years ago, our interests and goals have equally ranged between the buildings and the infrastructures with the aim to transform the surrounding environment fully explored to any details.

We enjoy creating meaningful projects that bring value to clients and users alike.

General Buildings

3TI PROGETTI has always operated in building design and has initiated over the years considerable capacity to design with budgets and set times, establishing collaborative relationships with the client and a constant comparison with stakeholders.

Our long experience in systems and technological structures has taught us that tackling it from the early stages of the project – integrating architectural and structural design with the technological advice – produces significant added value.

3TI carries out important activities on existing heritage buildings and has considerable experience on the issues related to structural design and assessment, seismic improvement, and adaptation.


3TI PROGETTI has also developed a remarkable experience in the infrastructural design, working since many years for important clients carrying out prestigious projects in and outside Italy.

We have taken part in modernization of existing highways, in planning of new roads and collaborated in their construction.

Our team deals with all aspects including the design of viaducts, tunnels, underground channels, pedestrian areas, road surfaces, signposting, and lighting with the aim to reduce traffic congestion and minimize the environmental impact. Our purpose is to work for a safe, quick, and comfortable road system.

We carry out important activities also on railways and metro design also thanks to different framework contracts, and we have played a supportive role in strategic advice both on large - and small- scale projects.

International Development

Over the years 3TI PROGETTI has gained a relevant experience on the international market, establishing branches and developing projects worldwide (France, Saudi Arabia, India, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, China, Vietnam, Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania Sweden, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Bulgaria), with the aim not only to further increase the production capabilities of the Company in the field of multidisciplinary design, but also to play a key role as a catalyst among the major Italian market players for the development of international design integrated activities.

Our team deals with all aspects including planning, design, pmc of transport infrastructures, hospitals & buildings, energy & water sector.

While working abroad we believe that real integration is key in approaching business, and we respect the countries’ history, traditions, and local culture, providing our international experience to create a diverse blend of contemporary design.

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