Corporate, February 1, 2024

3TI brand values series #connectingcommunities

3TI brand values series #connectingcommunities

Today is the day of 3TI brand values series: #connectingcommunities

Our company was born in Italy, in Rome, and from Rome moved all over the world, always without forgetting its own origins. Rome means dealing with history, and this teaches us to listen: listen to the territory, listen to the landscape, listen to the city, listen to the people. Every day to reach our office we travel along roads that were laid out 2000 years ago, and our natural landscape is made up of buildings and monuments created over these two millennia. This is why we deeply feel the responsibility to change the environment around us, especially when we have to work on a territorial scale with large transport infrastructures, connecting people and their communities.

Riyadh Metro project represents a lot this value, in fact we have always considered infrastructure projects as a way to achieve maximum benefits for the community in terms of accessibility, inclusion, participation and well-being.

Stay tuned for further insights into our corporate values!