News, December 21, 2022

Design Competition “Bosco della Musica”

Design Competition “Bosco della Musica”

Happy to share the Design Competition for the “Bosco della Musica – Development of a multifunctional building, auditorium and campus of Milan Conservatory” we applied for, in JV with Degli Esposti Architetti

Following the spirit of the old conservatory, in which music education went together with the hospitality of the young students, a large part of the building was designed as accommodation for students and professors. At the same time, in order to avoid a self-referential building closed to the city, the functions of the student residence were transferred to the upper floors, while an effort was made to create a mix of functions and common spaces on the ground floor, the typically urban area, which could be used not only by the residents but also by pedestrians, neighborhood residents and curious visitors. In fact, the dynamic of aggregation-multiplication of spaces, which takes place for both indoor and outdoor spaces, is definitely the main feature of the project we are going to show you.

Urban & Architecture design: Degli Esposti Architetti
Structure and MEP: 3TI Progetti
Environmental and landscape design: Elisa Cristiana Cattaneo
Urban culture expert: Gianni Biondillo
Fire safety expert: CorboRosso
Archaeological expert: Ilaria Frontori