Mixed-Use Development in Abu Dhabi

Shamka South Area

6.5 X 6.5 km area: 130,000 non residents, 165,000 residents

Emirate of Abu-Dhai, UAE

2008 - 2011




“Abu Dhabi city was planned in the 1970s for an estimated maximum population of 600,000. The economic boom of the emirate of Abu Dhabi has produced convulsive development of the city. Then a comprehensive Urban Framework Development Plan, PLAN ABU DHABI 2030 has been compiled. Following the PLAN, Abu Dhabi Municipality has decided to perform urban and neighbourhood development thru a series of Master Plans: one of these regards the Area of Shamka South, a 6.5x6.5km area some kms SE of the Airport, to the desert side of Emirati Highway.
South Shamkha is a mixed use development for up to 165,000 residents and an estimated 130,000 non-residents working in offices, retail, and commercial activities, served by public and social facilities. The development provides a residential community for people working in the Capital District and Airport District and those in the surrounding districts.
The Central Core was based on creating a walkable downtown and open park structure prove to be attractive in creating a market demand for additional residential, hospitality and office uses, there is ample room for the density to be increased without altering the framework of streets, zoning and open spaces.”

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