A New Burns Unit for Romanian Hospital

Târgu Mures Emergency Clinical County Hospital


2019 ongoing




GPA Rossiprodi Consistrans


The aim of the project is to develop a new building in the complex of the Spitalul Clinic Județean de Urgență Târgu Mureș in Romania. The new building will contain a new Burn Center, a new operating block with 25 surgery rooms, anesthesia and intensive care units with 57 beds and a blood transfusion unit. The project also foresees the reorganization of the internal flows of the existing hospital.
The new building has been conceived as a structure with a high level of functional flexibility being able to accommodate all the necessary functions. The new building will be able to handle the continuous adaptation processes of any hospital building and the continuous development in care techniques and methods.
The building consists of five functional and one technical floor, containing the following functions:
Basement: warehouses, personal changing rooms and technological systems;
Ground floor: burn unit, sterilization centre, training centre
1st floor: intensive care, transfusion centre;
2nd floor: first operating block
3rd floor: second operating block
4th floor: central air treatment unit
Roofing surface: photovoltaic panels
The integration with the existing hospital is developed through a walkway connecting with the newly designed building above the driveway, leading to the existing emergency room and the SMURD area. This arrangement ensures full functional integration of the new building with the existing hospital.

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