New Dam Boosts Flood Defences

Wadi Mijlass Dam – Quriyat Region

Dam height: approx.100 m – Reservoir Volume: 250,000,000 m3 – Volume of Roller-Compacted Concrete (RCC): 2,000,000 m3


2010 - 2012



€ 490,103,080.00

The project for the construction of a dam along the Wadi Al Mijlass was commissioned by the Municipality of Muscat to considerably reduce the risk of flooding in the town of Quriyat. The project also foresees various minor works (dikes, channel diversions) upstream of the dam site to preserve the villages of Mukhadah, Haifadh and Siya, damaged by previous flooding. The dam will significantly reduce the risk of flooding in the city of Quriyat, while simultaneously working to prevent the relocation of existing infrastructures and villages in the surrounding area. The most suitable site was identified at the end of the canyon formed by the Wadi Al Mijlass between the village of Al Mukhadah (upstream) and the city of Quriyat (downstream). With this solution the basin created by the dam interests only the part of the Wadi within the canyon, without interfering with existing infrastructures and settlements. The system intercepts almost the entire basin of the Wadi (570 km2 of the 630 km2 of the overall basin).

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