High-Speed Railway Oued Tlelat-Tlemcen

High-Speed Railway Oued Tlelat-Tlemcen

This intervention involved the construction of a new 33 km long high-speed railway line (with double electrified rail), running through a wide level plateau 550 meters above sea level.

The line features 12 viaducts (total length of 5.4 km) and the Bel Abbès-Sidi Lahcène link that serves as an interchange hub between the new (NLGV Oued Tlelat/Tlemcen) and existing lines.

• 2 Point Of Connection With The Existing Line.
• 1 Point Of Connection With The National Road «Rn13»Overpasses.
• 4 Underpasses.
• 1 Km Of Retaining Wall.
• 47 Sewer Systems for Railways.
• 13 Sewers Systems for Roads.

The work was divided into different segments according to local ground conditions and existing constraints, such as the presence of a gas pipeline or interferences with the construction of a new East-West Motorway.

Hydraulic works designs aim to resolve potential clashes between the new railway line and the superfi cial hydraulic network, and defi ne railway platform drainage systems and hydraulic protection works for the infrastructure. Where there are crossings with viaducts and bridges, the project provides the routing of channels and trenches below the structures with the exception of channels with bigger fl ow rates (Oued Tlelat, Makkerra, Isser) which require more signifi cant deviations.

2012 – 2016
€ 233,000,000.00