Tuscolo Cultural and Archeological Park

Tuscolo Cultural and Archeological Park


The archaeological area of Tuscolo represents one of the excellences of the Castelli Romani territory (for the relevant archaeological values, but also for the extraordinary landscape and wildlife qualities of the site).

Following the lines drawn up by the previous interventions, 3TI project, aims to complete the work of fruition of the archaeological site by focusing on the findings of the medieval city and the area of the baths already under investigation by the Escuela Espanola de Historia y Arquelogia en Roma.

The excavation carried out during the twentieth campaign of the Escuela in 2017, involved an area on the plateau in front of the forum where, since the previous year, a number of monumental wall structures have been documented, including a large religious building from the Middle Ages, built on the remains of a public building from the Roman era, probably interpreted as a thermal area.The project foresees the construction of a steel walkway to allow visitors to get as close as possible to the excavation area, also accessible to people with disability.

Forma Urbis Publication


XI Comunità Montana dei Castelli Romani e Prenestini
Studio di Consulenza Archeologica, Dott. Agronomo G. Feminò


January 14, 2021

Tuscolo Archeological Park Publication

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