News, January 5, 2023

Sacra Famiglia Church

Sacra Famiglia Church


Happy to pass by Sacra Famiglia Church in #Cassino during the evening. This project competed in public space and completed projects categories in THE PLAN awards 2022.

The idea of the shapes that define the building is the result of research that is inspired to the history of the environment in which it is settled. The modern configuration of Cassino is a consequence of the reconstruction following the bombing during the second World War and of which the Abbey of Montecassino is a symbol. These conditions determine the definition of the new complex with simple shapes and volumes easily related to the holy function. The architecture of the church looks very contemporary to worshippers. The different buildings are defined by clean lines and simple surfaces. The aesthetic of the facades is generated by an alternation of volumes and vertical planes covered with different materials and marked by glass surfaces.