Corvetto Metro station

Corvetto Metro station

The Corvetto station, located in the historical city center of Genoa below one of the main historical green areas such as the Acquasola park (1825), has never been completed by the municipal administration, who decided in 2011 to make it, through station to complete the line.

The improvement and completion of underground structures and planned to enable  its opening to the public. This includes the underground works: the extension of the transversal bypass tunnel and the construction of 4 escalators for sliding and fixed staircases as well as 3 deep shafts (28m) built using concrete diaphragms wall, attached to the existing shaft, to complete the station’s distribution and emergency exit parts.

The project also includes a significant redevelopment of the Acquasola Park and the recovery of the monumental Albini Palace (1950), the future entrance to the station.

Genoa, Italy
MANELLI SRL for Municipality of Genoa
2023 - 2024
38,142,000.00 €


March 22, 2024

Corvetto underground station in Genoa

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