Norcia Hospital

Norcia Hospital

The project aims to return to the community a strategic building for the restart of the territories damaged by the earthquake of 2016.
3TI Progetti is in charge of the detailed design for the  restoration and refurbishment of Norcia Hospital, using the BIM methodology.

The goals of this project are the following: the satisfaction of the needs of the community and the territory; the compliance with environmental, urban planning and protection of cultural and landscape heritage regulations; the compliance with health and safety regulations; limited soil consumption; the compliance with hydrogeological, seismic and forestry constraints as well as other existing constraints; energy saving, efficiency and recovery in the construction and subsequent life of the work; the evaluation of the life cycle and maintainability of the works, compliance with all the C.A.M.; total accessibility for the disabled, in accordance with the provisions in force on architectural barriers.

Norcia, Italy
Norcia Hospital
2021 - ongoing
Studio Speri; Lenzi Consultant S.R.L.; Cecilia Bernardini; Mariangela Preta


December 5, 2022

Norcia Hospital renovation

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