Works supervision and site assistance

Among the many skills offered by 3TI PROGETTI, it is worth noting out our specialization in construction site staging and design.

This design aspect – particularly important in the case of major infrastructure projects – focuses on the study of the various phases of work, the organization of construction sites and provisional works / installations, with special attention to economizing the use of equipment and materials, identifying access roads to proposed worksites, studying oversize loads, but also impact assessment associated with the production of construction waste materials, storage and disposal (quarries and landfills) in order to evaluate the proper management of industrial waste created onsite

In the infrastructure field, 3TI has established solid experience in construction planning, making use of our knowledge of technologies and modes of operation available on the market.

We have thus developed stages – preliminary, design development and final – giving space to detailed design work. Studying temporary works and quantifying costs related to worksite preparation, management and related equipment are all part of this discipline.

Today we perform construction design for the most important companies in the field, providing these companies with onsite assistance, and aiming for the best possible fitting between designed and built. A team of specialists assists site supervisors to find accurate responses to design decisions.
We follow our projects through final completion and we are capable of performing all functions related to management and supervision of works for building, plant engineering and infrastructure projects.


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