3TI PROGETTI has achieved a considerable experience in the field of sustainable engineering, from urban to rural spaces, focusing on masterplanning, landscape and buildings design. We rely on skilled professional figures, expert in building engineering, landscape visualization, design knowledge, management, ecology, problem solving and innovation, with special attention to Sustainability , including certifications, e.g. through LEED and ITACA protocols.

We aim at improving life quality and connection by human scaled urban spaces. We believe that architecture and landscaping are in a mutual relationship and that a successful project is the synthesis and not the sum of the two.

Buildings are optimized from an energy and environmental point of view, increasing their performances and liveableness by integrating passive and active technologies for the reduction of consumptions and, as well as Landscape, their design results from a balance between functionality, environment, budget and client and users requirements.

Renewable resources can be used not only to reduce the consumption of carbon-based energy, but also to enhance the energy and environmental performance of buildings by integrating passive and active technologies with a benefit for the quality of life and comfort as well.


We sustain sustainability through sustainable engineering

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